Contract Services

The laboratory actively partners with industry in preclinical efficacy/safety evaluations of drugs and devices, including Good Laboratory Practice studies used in FDA submissions. Investigation and assessment studies utilize well-defined models and tools of analysis including:

  • Assays of Analgesic Pharmacology and Activity
    • Kinetic and safety studies of chronic/acute intracranial and intraspinal test material. Delivery in the dog, rat and mouse using bolus injection and/or continuous infusion
    • Effect of test material on induced neuropathy studies in the rat and mouse using the Bennett (thermal hyperalgesia), Chung (tactile allodynia) and, intrathecal substance-P/NMDA (thermal hyperalgesia) models of nerve injury.
    • Measures of analgesic activity, include:
      • Rat and mouse thermal escape (Hargreaves)
      • Rat and mouse tactile threshold (Von Frey hairs)
      • Rat deep pressure sensitivity (Ugo Basale)
      • Rat and mouse tactile allodynia and thermal hyperalgesia (carrageenan knee joint and paw, thermal injury inflammation, or intravenous vincristine induced)
      • Rat and mouse tactile allodynia and thermal hyperalgesia (intraplantar formalin induced paw flinch analysis)
      • Mouse osteosarcoma
      • Dog and rat motor function
      • Dog thermal thermal escape and skin twitch
  • Assays of cerebral, spinal and nerve ischemia
    • Cerebral blood flow and glucose utilization
    • Indices of ischemic damage in brain and spinal cord
    • Indices of spinal cord blood flow and post ischemic outcome
    • Cerebral and spinal drug toxicology and ischemia pathology
  • Assays of CNS transmitter activity and brain drug levels
    • In vitro transmitter release measured in slices/minces/non-neural tissue and in vivo measurement by intracranial/spinal dialysis
    • Single unit recording (sural nerve in rat)

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