Analytical Laboratory

The UCSD Anesthesiology Research Analytical Lab is a 600 sq. ft. facility, under the direction of Steve Rossi, Ph.D. Equipment in the lab includes spin vac/lyophilizer, multiwavelength plate reader with automatic washer, gamma and scintillation counters, HPLCs, gas chromatographs, liquid sample triple quadrupole mass spectrometer, 300 sq. ft. 4 C coldroom, -70 and -30 C freezers.

Immunoassay capabilities of the lab include developing and validating assays from (commercially) available haptens and antibodies, coupling of iodinated ligand and antibody characterization, including identification of column immunoreactivity. Emphasis is on peptides (enkephalins, NPY, tachykinins, substance P, CGRP), prostanoids (PGE1/2; LTB4/C4/D4), and cytokines (TNF, IL1). catecholamines and amino acids.

Gas chromatography is employed for a wide variety of drug assays (local anesthetics; anesthetics; tricyclic antidepressants, anticonvulsants).

HPLC is utilized for numerous drug assays including opiates, local anesthetics, NSAIDs, as well as endogenous modulators, including catecholamines and excitatory amino acids.